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Understanding conversation icons and colors

Toolbar icons

Please hover over the icons to know about the icon functionality.

  1. Reply - Click this icon to reply to the conversations. The Keyboard shortcut is ‘r
  2. Note - To add notes to your tickets, just click this icon or press ‘n’ on your keyboard.
  3. Assign - You can use this icon to assign tickets to your HelpNinja account Users. ‘a’ is the shortcut key to assign.
  4. Status - There are four values for conversation status.
    > Active - All new conversations are automatically set to active status and it needs attention.
    > Pending -You can set the conversation status to pending if you are waiting for your customer reply or
       gathering more information for your customer.
    > Closed - You can set the status to closed if you have resolved the case with the customer.
    > Spam - You can mark a conversation as spam and the sender email id will be marked as spam ID. So
       from the next time, any emails from the same id will be moved to spam automatically.
  5. More - Under More actions, you will find the option to delete and forward the conversation.

Conversation thread colors

You will notice different border colors, each representing a different type of thread.

Customer replies will have a white background with no border.
User replies are represented by a green border.
Drafts are represented by a blue border
Notes will have an orange border.

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