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Set Company Office Hours

Do you take off on your weekends? Or you work only on any particular hours?
Then you just need to set your company’s Office Hours.

To set your Office Hours, Head to Manage > Company. Here select Office Hours in the left side menu.

Turn the Status switch to ON, and enter your hours of operation for each day of the week your business is open.
Check the Office closed checkbox for the days that your business is closed.

Office Hours are global for your account, so they'll be the same for all of your mailboxes.

Auto Replies

Setting your Auto Reply to send only outside of Office Hours is a nice way to let your customers know that while you may be closed, for now, you’ll be back and ready to respond once your business day starts.

Click into the mailbox you want to edit, then head to Auto Reply on the left sidebar.
Set the Status switch to ON and check the box next to Only send outside of office hours.

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