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Lantern does have a few settings that let you control how your customers can get in touch with you. 
You can use a Lantern with different combinations like enabling only Docs, or with a contact form, or by including chat and a contact form.

Connected Mailbox

Choose the HelpNinja mailbox where you want to save the messages that have been sent through the Lantern.

Show Contact Form

Contact form submissions are sent directly to the connected mailbox. If you disable this option, customers will only have access to Docs search.

Show Live Chat

Hit the toggle switch to enable live chat in your Lantern. The chat option will only show to customers when there are Users who are online and available to chat. 
And the contact form is automatically enabled if you enable chat.

Email Transcript

Enable this option to send an email transcript to the customer when the chat has ended.

Enable Docs

Customers can search, view, and rate the docs within the Lantern. 

Connected Doc Site

Select the Docs site to load on your lantern, and the customers can only search the docs present on the docs site you chose. 

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