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A simple widget will help your users to reach you out.

Creating a Lantern

1) Goto Manage -> Lantern and click New Lantern

2) Give it a name and then select the mailbox which you prefer to receive those support requests.

3) Click Add Lantern and that's it

Styling Lantern

1) Go to Manage -> Lantern and the hover the lantern you want to style.

2) Choose the options in the popup and edit them to your need

​Installing Lantern via Javascript

1) Go to Manage -> Lantern and the hover the lantern you want to install

2) Copy and paste this code before the </body> tag. You can also mail your developer to get this added on the pages that you want your customers to contact.

Installing Lantern via WordPress Plugin

1) Install the WordPress plugin from here and activate them. Upon activation goto Settings-> HelpNinja

2) Goto your HelpNinja dashboard. Manage -> Lantern and then copy the latern id of the lantern you want to install on your WordPress site.

3) In your WordPress side Enable Lantern and then paste this Lantern ID and click Save Changes

WordPress contact form to send emails to HelpNinja

Set up Lantern configuration first by following these steps and then create a new page and add the short code [hn_form] Viola! you have the contact page which sends the customer queries as a ticket to your HelpNinja account

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