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How to merge conversations from the same customer?

On a few occasions, you might receive multiple emails from the same customer for the same or multiple queries. At that time, you can easily merge those tickets into one conversation and answer all of them at once.

Key points to remember before Merging…

  • You cannot merge conversations from two different customers, so the email address must be the same on both conversations or the two email addresses must both be associated with the same customer profile.
  • You cannot undo or revert a merge. So double sure that you are merging the conversations precisely.

How to merge a conversation

Open a conversation from a customer. Select the conversation from which you want to keep the subject line, as the merged conversation will take that one's subject. Now, choose the previous Conversations section of the right sidebar and select the conversation you would like to merge. You will see a pop up as shown in the below shot.

Click the Merge button. You'll be prompted to confirm the merge.

Upon merging, You can see a small snippet of text as a reminder of the merger that took place in the conversation.  

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