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All CollectionsIntegrationsHow to Connect HelpNinja to different Apps using Zapier Webhooks?
1. Please login to your Zapier account here and go to the Apps Page.

2. Here search for Webhooks by Zapier as shown in the screenshot below.

3. On the next page, click Connect Webhooks to 1500+ Apps.

4. Now, Choose Webhooks by Zapier again on the dropdown and Select Catch Hook. Click Continue

5. You will see the Custom Webhook URL. Kindly copy the URL and head over to your
HelpNinja dashboard.

6. Go to Manage > Apps and click on the Webhooks app. Here paste the Webhook URL and choose the
events which you want to be notified. Then click Save Changes.

7. Head back to your Zapier account and test the connection.

8. Now, you need to select the App in which you want to get notified for the events you chose
(check Step 6) on your HelpNinja dashboard.

For example, I am choosing the Trello Card application.

a. Sign in to your Trello account

b. Upon signing in, you need to choose a Trello Board, list and name. Then Click Continue.

c. Finally, Turn On the Zap as shown in the screen snap below.

Likewise, you can connect HelpNinja to 1500+ applications using the Zapier Webhooks.

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