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Getting Started with Help Ninja

Follow the below steps and you will get your Help Ninja account up and running in no time.

  • Configure email account into Help Ninja.
  • Mailbox Customization.
  • Create Users for your colleagues
  • Organize and Optimize
  • Set up your Docs
  • Integrate your favorite apps

Step 1. Configure email account into Help Ninja.

As a first thing, you need to add your email account into Help Ninja. Help Ninja works by creating a forwarding or redirection rule with your email client like GSuite, Apple Mail or right from your server like Siteground, HostGator.

Check out our forwarding guides to learn how to connect your email account into Help Ninja: Adding your email account into Help Ninja.

Step 2: Mailbox Customization

When you are using the Help Ninja for the first time, please make sure that you are focusing on the below two options.

  • Edit Mailbox
  • Connections Settings.

Edit Mailbox

Edit Mailbox gives you control of some basic Mailbox settings, like From Name, Default status, Default assignee after a reply, designing your Mailbox signature, etc.,

Connection Settings

Connection Settings allows you to configure how your mail gets into and out of Help Ninja. You’ve already got your forwarder set up which covers how Mail gets into Help Ninja, but now let’s look at how you’re sending your mail.
Send with your own servers, either by SMTP or Google oAuth

You still have plenty of options to customize your mailbox which you can explore later.

Step 3: Create Users for your team

You can invite your friend or colleague or teammate to work together on the conversations you receive in your mailbox. You can invite them as an admin or as a user with access to specific mailboxes. Here is how you can create and manage user accounts in Help Ninja.

Step 4: Organize and Optimize

You can create tags and Workflows to manage your mailbox in an efficient way.

Apply or create Tags when you want to classify or categorize the emails for reporting or tracking purposes. You will also get a visual indicator in the queue for the type of conversation coming in.

Learn how to Add Tags

How can I automate the creation of tags?

You can use Workflows to do repeatable tasks with a simple automation process.

Step 5: Set up your Docs

Docs is one of the most important assets for offering efficient support to your customers. 
Yes, I agree. The knowledge base emerges over time. But please make sure that you are setting up at least a couple of docs so you can use the Docs search bar to share the doc links while replying to your customer emails.

Step 6: Integrate your favorite apps

Connect your favorite Apps to HelpNinja. Here are a few integrations we support in HelpNinja at this time. 

E-commerce: Shopify, and WooCommerce. Get your customer’s order information connected to every Help Ninja conversation.
Social: You can connect your Social Networking apps like Facebook and Twitter.
Email Marketing Tool: MailChimp and Convertkit HelpNinja pull everything you need to know from your customers' profile.

Once you’ve got these steps under control, there’s plenty more to explore in HelpNinja. Set up Lanterns to give customers help where they need it most, set up Office Hours to filter reports or start seeing results with your customers using Satisfaction ratings.
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