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Send article links via the Docs search bar

The Docs search bar is a handy tool that will help you quickly locate, review, and link articles to a customer while working in a conversation.

You'll see the search bar appear at the top of a conversation as shown below.

As you type within the search box, the Docs integration will suggest articles from your knowledge base. For example, in the image above, we're searching for our article about how to set up docs.

When replying to a conversation, you'll notice a new Insert Linkicon to the right of the search result. Clicking this icon will automatically insert the doc link into your reply.

Preview or edit the article

If you'd like to preview the article before sending it to your customer, just click on a search result. You'll see the article open in a pop-up window, where you'll be able to read and edit the article if needed or insert a link to the article into your reply.

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