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Customize Your Mailbox Settings

Each Help Ninja mailbox has its separate settings, which you can customize based on your needs.

Go to Manage > Mailboxes > Select the Mailbox. Here you will see the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Mailbox Name
Enter your Mailbox Name you'd like. If you've got more than one mailbox, you can enter a unique or descriptive name so that you can easily identify them later.

Email Address
You need to enter email Address which you want to use for sending and receiving emails. This email address will also be displayed to the customer in the "From" field when they receive your email.

From Name
The From Name will be displayed in your customers' mail inboxes when you reply to their emails. You can choose between the User's Name or the Mailbox Name or you can also use the Custom Name.

Default Status
Default Status determines which status your conversations have after a reply has been sent. If you're just starting out, we recommend using Closed because conversations will automatically change to Active when customers reply. If using Active or Pending is a better fit for your team, you can change that setting under that menu.

Default Assignee
Default Assignee designates who has ownership of a conversation after a team member replies. Choose Anyone if you'd like to keep conversations Unassigned regardless of who replies, Person Replying if you want to make sure whoever sends the most recent reply retains ownership of the conversation, or Person Replying if Unassigned if you'd like the first person who replies to take ownership of the conversation.

Each email signature is set up at the mailbox level. You can use variables to add your team members' name, email address. You can even add HTML to custom design your signature.

Finally, after making all the changes, make sure that you click the Save Changes button.
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